5 minute preparation, 6 minutes cooking time (can be prepping veg while water is coming to boil)

Serves 2-4



1 litre of water

1 Vegan stock cube (vegetable flavour)

Pinch of celtic salt

1/2 Leek cut into half moons (crescents)

Handful cabbage shredded

2 bulbs bok choy (Stems sliced, leaves whole)

2 leaves of kale, stems removed and leaves torn up into bite sized pieces

1 1/2 miso paste

Handful of spinach cut into ribbons

1/2 pack of extra soft silken tofu, cut up into medium sized chunks (it will break up more when you stir it through the soup)



Reduced salt soy sauce

Toasted sesame seeds

Fresh Coriander

Sliced red chilli

Maple Syrup (totally optional!)



  1. Prepare vegetables (this can be done while water is coming to the boil if you are a quick chopper.

  2. Bring water & stock cube to boil.

  3. Add leeks, bok choy stems and cabbage. Stir to combine, cover and simmer for no more than four minutes.

  4. Add kale and bok choy leaves. Press the leaves down, cover and simmer for one minute.

  5. Add spinach ribbons and miso paste, stir to combine miso. Add tofu and gently stir through. Cover and cook for one minute.

  6. Serve it to bowls and top with your choice of extra ingredients, I like all of them!


6 Minute Korean Inspired Miso Soup