Creating new recipes to please family and friends is a total joy and getting to share that with you makes it even better. I hope you enjoy watching my videos and cooking my recipes. If there is anything you'd like me to create, please contact me via my website or on my YouTube channel. 

Much love and light,

Sarah Eve Matthews

Food I love to eat - that's what you'll find here! I relish developing plant-based recipes that are healthy and delicious. Everything I do in my kitchen has to be done fast, so I can eat it sooner! My recipes are simple to make and don't break the bank. Each recipe has a video guide that can be found on my website and YouTube Channel.


As I enjoy cooking, filming and editing, I decided to put those hobbies together and create a YouTube channel called Vegan Style Cooking. The process has been very enjoyable and a wonderful creative outlet. Throughout that process, I created this site to not only store my recipes but also share them with you.


I decided to become a wholefood plant-based vegan, in June 2014, after being a vegetarian for four years. I made this change for both health reasons and for my love of animals.