Raw Zucchini & Carrot Terrine

with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Makes 1 Terrine serves up to 4-5 people

30 minutes preparation

Ingredients: Terrine

Pinch Sea Salt

1/4 tsp. Caraway Seeds

Optional: 1 tbsp. nutritional yeast nb: not raw, but adds B12 & flavour to the dish

2 medium zucchinis

2 medium carrots

1 batch almond ricotta (1 1/3 cups) Recipe Here

6 basil leaves

1 tbsp. chopped parsley

4 twigs of thyme

Ingredients: Tomato Sauce

2 small tomatoes

2 leaves of basil

Pinch of sea salt

To finish

Green part of a spring onion

Basil to decorate

Special Equipment

A rectangle dish 6.5” x 5” (16.5cm x 12.5cm)

A potato masher

Vegetable Peeler



  1. Grind up sea salt and caraway seeds using a pestle and mortar or other grinding device.

  2. Add salt, caraway seeds and optional nutritional yeast to almond ricotta.

  3. In two batches place the grated carrot in a piece of paper towel and squeeze the excess water out. Mix the carrot in with the almond ricotta.

  4. Using a vegetable peeler, thinly slice the zucchini. Layer some of the zucchini in a rectangle dish so it has covered the bottom and sides.

  5. Place layer of carrot ricotta mix, using a 1/3 of your mixture. Top with thyme and another layer of zucchini slices. Gently push down with a potato masher. Repeat the carrot mixture but this time top with parsley, then more zucchini slices. Once again push down gently with a potato masher. Finally use the rest of the carrot ricotta mixture this time topping with basil.

  6. Layer zucchini slices over the top then fold down the zucchini slices attached to the side of the dish. Gently push down using potato masher.

  7. To make the raw tomato sauce finely chop the tomato and basil, add a pinch of salt to taste and serve on top of you terrine. Decorate with green spring onion rings and basil.

NB: Best cut with a sharp serrated knife.