10 min prep time, 10 minute assembly


Inside of cake

4 Slices whole grain bread with the crusts cut off

½ avocado mashed & mixed with optional cashew mayonnaise

2 small char grilled red capsicum

6 Cucumber slices



Outside & Toppings


3 Cucumber strips around edges

10 Cucumber slices

2 Cherry Tomato halves or 2 cape gooseberries

Handful of Radish Hearts

½  Pomegranate worth of  seeds

Handful of  Carrots stars

Lavender flowers

Handful Oregano

Handful Mint

Handful of fresh red capsicum diced



  1. Prepare all your ingedients first, keeping bread moist by covering with cling wrap.

  2. Spread avocado on all pieces of bread and assemble inside of cake.  I used cucumber for first layer, char grilled capsicum for second layer and lettuce for third layer.  Make sure the pieces of bread in the middle have avocado on each side.

  3. Smother cashew sour cream all over cake as evenly as possible.

  4. Time to decorate! I put cucumber strips and slices on the outside along with herbs and carrot  stars.

  5. On the top used ½ Cherry tomatoes on each corner and made patterns with the remain ingredients.

  6. Using a piping bag, pipe around the edges to make the sandwich look like a cake.  I also added little swirls on top of the cherry tomatoes.

Tip: make sure your cake is on the serving dish before piping so that the sour cream stays in place.